Stuntman, Supplements, and Plant-Based Nutrition with Kent Mauerer

"To meat or not to meat?" that is the question. Learn more about plant-based nutrition and its effects not only on our body but on the environment. Kent Maurer, owner of Kent Mauerer Personal Training Studio and holds 3 Nutrition Certifications in Plant-Based Nutrition. Hear his story, his journey as a stuntman, and how working with personal training clients led him to this path.

Show Notes
  • Kent’s background
  • What Kent enjoys most about owning his own business and helping people who are pursuing their own health goals
  • What kind of clients Kent sees
  • How does Kent feel about supplements? Does he take any? Why or why not?
  • Kent discusses how and why he got into the plant-based lifestyle and the science behind it
  • Why so many threatened by the plant-based lifestyle
  • 10-day challenges for the plant-based lifestyle
  • Pot lucks for the plant-based lifestyle
  • Kent’s favorite restaurant in Salt Lake
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