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Stuntman, Supplements, and Plant-Based Nutrition with Kent Mauerer

"To meat or not to meat?" that is the question. Learn more about plant-based nutrition and its effects not only on our body but on the environment. Kent Maurer, owner of Kent Mauerer Personal Training Studio and holds 3 Nutrition Certifications in Plant-Based Nutrition. Hear his story, his journey as a stuntman, and how working with personal training clients led him to this path.

Sports & Ancestral Health with Dr. Rick Henriksen

Integrative Primary Care Doctor Rick Henriksen

Chinese Medicine with Lacey Sanders

Chinese Medicine Doctor: Lacey Sanders

Functional Medicine & Gut Health With Heather Darling FNP, IFMCP

Functional Medicine and Gut Health with Nurse Practitioner and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner Heather Darling

CrossFit with Greg Schell

Brickwall Crossfit Owner & Coach: Greg Schell


Introducing the Stay Health Salt Lake Podcast.

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